Ahead is an adverb that we really like to use: if of place, it indicates the direction in front of you; if of time, it expresses anteriority, a kind of precedence that speaks of a past time.

We like it because in the first case it iswelcoming (go ahead); in the second it is amemory.

We tell you ‘go ahead’ by opening the doors of our production and inviting you to come in to show you what we do today, which is the evolution of what we have been doing for 42 years and that we have never forgotten. Of course, we do not exactly do the same things: the machinery has changed, some faces have changed, some developed some wrinkles, and the designs of our products have changed too, but there are some things that have never changed and that have to do with what we really are: an atelier since 1978..

What are these things? We took some pictures to show you. Here they are: they are the colours, the materials, and the texture; they are the shapes, the geometry, and the mathematics, and it is the dust that we never sweep under the carpet, because it too is part of the story.

This is the beating heart of our company. This is where everything takes shape and transforms. And you are welcome in it.


Mobiltesino Srl
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