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Ahead is an adverb that we really like to use: if of place, it indicates the direction in front of you; if of time, it expresses anteriority, a kind of precedence that speaks of a past time.

We like it because in the first case it is welcoming (go ahead); in the second it is a memory.

We tell you ‘go ahead’ by opening the doors of our production and inviting you to come in to show you what we do today, which is the evolution of what we have been doing for 42 years and that we have never forgotten.

Of course, we do not exactly do the same things: the machinery has changed, some faces have changed, some developed some wrinkles, and the designs of our products have changed too, but there are some things that have never changed and that have to do with what we really are: an atelier since 1978.

What are these things? We took some pictures to show you. Here they are: they are the colours, the materials, and the texture; they are the shapes, the geometry, and the mathematics, and it is the dust that we never sweep under the carpet, because it too is part of the story.

This is the beating heart of our company. This is where everything takes shape and transforms. And you are welcome in it.





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The best materials for your bathroom furniture

To give life to the five collections that are part of the new Sensi catalogue, we have put into play all our creativity and research.
The former concentrated in the design and creation of the bathroom furniture, the latter represented by utmost attention for the materials.

Speaking of materials, our customers asked us many times which are the best ones to furnish the bathroom. It is not so easy to answer because the variables to consider are so many and depend a lot on the needs one has.

Our company produces furniture made of many different materials to meet the most disparate needs, but there are some that, more than others, we love to use to create and characterize our collections.

The first among them is definitely wood.
It is one of the most precious materials to choose; its beauty derives from the fact that it is a natural material, particularly sensitive to heat and humidity and for this reason each of its changes in colour over time is never a defect but a confirmation of its quality and authenticity. As are the knots, small holes, and imperfections on the surface of the furniture. Wood is the absolute protagonist of many of our collections.
In the Sensi catalogue, it is particularly enhanced by the shapes and atmosphere created by Incanto.
In this collection we find ash wood with its unmistakable and beautiful knot patterns and in its different colour variations, both painted and lacquered.

Another material increasingly appreciated by the public for its look and practicality is Gres.
It is a resistant, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly material adaptable to different environments and capable of giving a warm atmosphere and creating welcoming and refined environments.
We wanted to dedicate it entirely to the Frame collection where it has eight different finishes that distinguish the tops, also with integrated sink tub giving it a refined, high design style.

Speaking of finishes, we cannot fail to mention the lacquers. Extremely resistant, they are able to cover any surface, obtaining multiple effects, and giving a wide range of customizations for the bathroom furniture.
In Sensi we have used them both in a glossy and matt version and they are in our Incanto, Estra, and Cromo collections.

All these materials are in the pages of Sensi: browse the catalogue!





A new bathroom décor to experience through the Senses

It’s through our senses that we perceive the world and interact with our surrounds. This is the reflection inspiring the name of the new Mobiltesino catalogue, inside which five new collections are presented, interlacing and communicating between the pages. Frame, Incanto, Estra, Cromo and Skin are designed to create contaminations between perceptions and sensations, and to recreate a bathroom setting cloaked with a warm and embracing atmosphere.

Its name evokes the framed fronts, a detail that characterises this collection, becoming an unmistakeable signature trait in all its compositions, in a contemporary style. The Ash, with its knots and colour variations, makes Frame truly unique.

This collection embodies everything and its opposite in a surprising balance of style. Compact and lightweight, clean and dynamic, practical and design: all this is Incanto, with its welcoming spaces that reinterpret the décor in a modern key.

A contemporary mood that combines practical and functional solutions: Estra fits into various contexts of style and furnishes the bathroom with versatility. The dominating element in this collection is the ceramic console. It is available in two versions: Estra LIFE for compositions with a smooth door and groove opening, and Estra TIME for those with a framed door and handle.

Geometric lines, shades of colour, exclusive finishes: in this collection nothing is left to chance. Featuring a versatile style, Cromo products easily adapt to any setting.

Visual appeal and technical functionality are superbly embodied by this collection. Skin features compositions with a strong identity, unique to their kind, and offers a décor able to model itself, thanks to its versatility, to the onlooker’s perspective. 


Discover the new Mobiltesino collections, browse Sensi!




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