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Urban Style: new compositions now available

As promised, the Urban collection has been enriched and now includes new and original furniture solutions. An essential, dynamic and modern line featuring a prevalence of neutral colours and light shades, which today, thanks to these new compositions, aims to accentuate design and personality. To create a relaxing and sensual atmosphere, Urban combines different materials such as wood and ceramics, giving life to a truly surprising monochromatic effect. Subtle and enveloping colours that optimise the available light, accentuating the increasingly eclectic and refined nature of this collection. The highlight is no doubt the invisible drain cover for washbasins with “Nio” sink, a genuine must-have of modern bathroom architecture, perfect for clean line purists and those who love an ultra-minimalist bathroom design. An aesthetically rewarding experience without compromising on functionality, because the drain can easily be removed for daily cleaning. Moreover, Urban’s concept of compositional freedom is enhanced by the new white colour for the handle, now a standard finish along with the other colours in the catalogue.

Enjoy the new brochure for you to browse at your convenience.


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