an identity you can touch.

Cromo: a new way to see imagination.

When a designer or an architect enters for the first time in the space that will become the bathroom, they immediately imagine and visually represent all the elements that will make up the bathroom decor: the furniture, the colours, the textures, the materials that will best enhance the chosen style.

Book: one catalogue, all mobiltesino collections

Compact, handy, pocket-sized and graphically detailed. This is Book, the new Mobiltesino catalogue: a treasure box containing all of our flagship collections in a single, stylish, sophisticated publication.

Estra: how to exalt the modern side of curved furniture

If we attempt to analyse the trends of recent years, it emerges that the search for sinuous shapes and rounded lines is the must have to be used in interior design, a mood that finds a wide range of applications especially in bathroom furnishings.

Incanto: an enchanting collection.

When we talk about well-being of the senses, we are led to consider hearing exclusively in its physiological function and it remains complicated to unfold all the potential for enjoyment related to furnishing objects.

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