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Which material to choose for the top? Here is eco-cement.

When we look for bathroom furniture, there are always many questions floating in our minds. Are we going all in on look or functionality? How much do we want to spend? Is a single or double washbasin better? But most importantly, which material to choose for the top?

Mobili lavanderia collezione Hydro Mobiltesino

Hydro Collection: new compositions to organize the laundry space.

The washing machine, the dryer, the clothesline, the laundry basket and the detergent one, and then the sink, the ironing board, the shoe rack, the clothes hanger. These are the substantial elements that immediately spring to mind when we talk about the laundry area and we are more than sure that at least once we all wondered: where to put them? How to best organize this environment?

produzione mobiltesino - reparto levigatura


Ahead is an adverb that we really like to use: if of place, it indicates the direction in front of you; if of time, it expresses anteriority, a kind of precedence that speaks of a past time.

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