A history of craftmanship

The atelier is the studio of the craftsman: it is here that ideas and projects take shape and turn into unique products surviving the passing of time and trends. This is the place of inspiration and intense, passionate work.

This has been the place of Mobiltesino, a company from The Marches (Italy) producing unique pieces of furniture. And indeed, they are: in the research behind them, in the care for details, in the sytle and choice of the materials and finishings.
All these elements contribute to creating exclusive bathroom furniture.

The company started its journey as a carpentry at the end of the ‘70s in the province of Ascoli Piceno. It still has a special bond with this territory, being deep rooted in it, however still looking beyond it, in a search for creativity and new inspiration sources.
Even while evolving and turning into a specialized company, Mobiltesino has never lost that same craftmanship component which makes its collections unique, with custom-made products that are highy appreciated both in Italy and abroad.

From manufacturing of raw materials to assembling semifinished products up until promoting and marketing the products, everything happens inside the company as a guarantee for the highest control standards during every production phase.

A new identity

Craftmanship, creativity and innovation have always been the main pillars of Mobiltesino offer.
Three words that become values which in turn become unique custom-made products.
The image of the company stems from these three concepts: an image which, before being shape, figure and language, is a product able to interpret the specialness and exclusiveness of Mobiltesino.
The logo is a symbol for this, audacious and extremely easy to recognize.
Next to it, the word Atelier reminds of the closeness to more artistic workspaces and studios, while the establishment date tells about the company heritage.

An ongoing effort

If there are many colours in the finishings of Mobiltesino bathroom furniture, only one of them lies at its heart: the green.
Sustainability and care for the environment have always been the company guiding principles and they are put into practice through a responsible use of the resources, using renewable energies and reusing waste materials.
The structure of the bathroom furniture are made with humidity proof materials and the products carry the CE marking as a guarantee for the respect of the environment and current regulations.
The company also makes sure that its suppliers are trustworthy in this sense, that they respect the environment and European safety regulations.

Produzione mobiltesino - lavorazione legno
Produzione Mobiltesino - carteggiatura

Ideas and ideals

Providing services and making products that can fully meet the needs of those choosing Mobiltesino: this is what our company does every day.

Along with this ongoing work, there is the willingness to increase the culture of the company day by day, so that all products tell about its essence. With this goal in mind, Mobiltesino combines experience, ethics, relationship, knowledge of craftmanship, long-term outlook and innovation.

This is how the company has been reinventing the Made in Italy for bathroom furniture for more than four decades.

Mobiltesino Srl
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