The word atelier comes from the Old French word astelier, derived from astelle, “splinter of wood”, and is generally used to indicate the workplace of craftsmen.
It is here that everything is created, with care and attention, and it is from the Mobiltesino atelier that exclusive, made-to-measure bathroom furniture comes to life, skilfully blending creativity and innovation.
The result is unique products that arrive at their destination after a journey made up of these fundamental elements.

This is the starting point: we stroke an idea and develop it into a reliable, quality project.

The production and logistics departments are organised to guarantee foresight, efficiency and punctuality.
They have technologically advanced facilities and are staffed by a team of experienced professionals.

Suppliers of materials and semi-finished products are carefully selected and become, over time, reliable partners with whom to cooperate in order to achieve the set objective together.

The company is made up of people, collaborators involved in a stimulating process of personal and team growth.

Quality is guaranteed by a control system at different levels to avoid the risk that any errors or defects in the products could reach the customer.

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