FRAME: the collection that frames the beauty of every moment.

Every time we pronounce a word, our mind inevitably recalls all the meanings contained within it, and we place it in an ideal framework that represents it visually. A cognitive frame that evokes all its distinctive traits. This is exactly what happens when we talk about Frame: the term conjures up images of the structure of an object, the support of a picture, the skeleton of a building, which is why we have chosen it as the name for our new collection. Pronouncing it is enough to instinctively visualize very directly an ideal image representative of all its characterizing elements: the framed front panels, the grain of ash, the compositional versatility, and that harmony of shapes that satisfies the senses. They are clearly visible signs that also show its handcrafted construction which draws inspiration from a classic aesthetic that at the same time projects it toward more modern and contemporary moods.
One of the original meanings of Frame was ‘to benefit’, and this is why Frame stands out for being a collection of great balance, where the individual compositions are designed to ensure comfort, functionality, and beauty.
It is enriched by a series of unique complements that perfectly integrate with the bathroom environment. For example, the additional storage tops for the storage base units, supplied with railings, and the complements with closed and open wall units available in various sizes.
Thanks to an artisanal know-how and the experience of our master craftsmen, another distinctive trait of Frame is its ability to enhance natural materials: the sinuous knots of ash in the coloured variations, both tinted and lacquered, and the remarkable modularity of the base, wall, and tall units make it a truly admirable collection.
In Frame, every single detail shines to create a contemporary aesthetic capable of moulding itself according to personal tastes and needs.
The whole collection is framed in the new Sensi catalogue.
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