Every day in the company we receive requests asking how to best furnish the bathroom, advice on how to optimize spaces, but above all how to make them comfortable.
The first thing we have to ask ourselves is: what kind of bathroom are we talking about? The master bathroom, the small bathroom, or the one for guests? They are similar but different spaces: in the way we experience them, in the dimensions, and above all in their function, and we should give each of them the right outfit.

The MASTER or main bathroom is not the one for guests; it is the most intimate space of the house, located in the night area, near the bedrooms. It is the place where you can find maximum comfort and spend pleasant moments of relaxation. It is often pretty big in order to house all those furnishings, sanitary fixtures, and accessories that make it practical and functional. Most of the Mobiltesino collections are designed to furnish this type of bathroom environment. Examples of this are Luxor and Suite, to be chosen according to your personal taste.

The GUEST bathroom, on the other hand, is close to the day area, its dimensions may vary, and is mainly dedicated to pampering the guests of the house. It does not need to have all the sanitary fixtures or furnishings like the bathtub or shower, but it must have a comfortable and refined atmosphere where the guests can feel at ease. Furthermore, this is the environment where your furniture choices become a symbol of your personal style.
The Urban collection, recently enriched with new compositional solutions, is practical and elegant, ideal for decorating this type of bathroom.

The small bathroom, or laundry room, is that area of ​​the house that usually has an opening leading outside, with small dimensions, where everything is organized for the practicality and functionality of both spaces and furnishings. Hydo is the Mobiltesino collection designed to enhance this environment.

Now all you have to do is find out which solutions are most suitable for you.



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