It’s through our senses that we perceive the world and interact with our surrounds.
This is the reflection inspiring the name of the new Mobiltesino catalogue, inside which five new collections are presented, interlacing and communicating between the pages.

Frame, Incanto, Estra, Cromo and Skin are designed to create contaminations between perceptions and sensations, and to recreate a bathroom setting cloaked with a warm and embracing atmosphere.

Its name evokes the framed fronts, a detail that characterises this collection, becoming an unmistakeable signature trait in all its compositions, in a contemporary style. The Ash, with its knots and colour variations, makes Frame truly unique.

This collection embodies everything and its opposite in a surprising balance of style. Compact and lightweight, clean and dynamic, practical and design: all this is Incanto, with its welcoming spaces that reinterpret the décor in a modern key.

A contemporary mood that combines practical and functional solutions: Estra fits into various contexts of style and furnishes the bathroom with versatility.
The dominating element in this collection is the ceramic console.
It is available in two versions: Estra LIFE for compositions with a smooth door and groove opening, and Estra TIME for those with a framed door and handle.

Geometric lines, shades of colour, exclusive finishes: in this collection nothing is left to chance. Featuring a versatile style, Cromo products easily adapt to any setting.

Visual appeal and technical functionality are superbly embodied by this collection. Skin features compositions with a strong identity, unique to their kind, and offers a décor able to model itself, thanks to its versatility, to the onlooker’s perspective.

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