Estra: how to exalt the modern side of curved furniture

If we attempt to analyse the trends of recent years, it emerges that the search for sinuous shapes and rounded lines is the must have to be used in interior design, a mood that finds a wide range of applications especially in bathroom furnishings.
Soft profiles, which correspond to modern opening systems, emphasise the beauty of the shapes and give the bathroom a more delicate, playful and innovative look.
The ESTRA collection moves perfectly in this direction and furnishes the bathroom environment with the versatility of curved shapes, where contemporary inspiration is manifested in practical and functional solutions. The dominant element of the collection is the ceramic console available in various sizes that, thanks to its particular shape, stylistically clean and very comfortable for the position and shape of its tub, meets the tastes of those who prefer fresh, innovative and modern lines.
Moreover, the craftsmanship of the base allows the creation of double-finished internal elements that enhance the contrast of the drawers with the internal band, so as to make their shapes stand out.

Another trend that undoubtedly continues to be confirmed from year to year is the increasing tendency of bathroom furniture to have the appearance of living room furniture. The ESTRA collection presents elements able to satisfy and respond to this need for comfort: the suspended wall units of ESTRA in fact can have a transversal use with a completely new and fascinating connotation.

Two variants of this collection have been developed.
ESTRA LIFE: compositions that satisfy the most essential tastes and propose solutions having a smooth front with groove opening and shaped edge. Combined with a contrast of colours in the choice of the groove hues, they undoubtedly give the bathroom a touch of style and personality.
ESTRA TIME, on the other hand, are compositions where more classic lines are evoked, proposed in a modern and contemporary key and presenting the frame door in the curved bases, combined with the shaped handle. Without a doubt, original and elegant furnishing!
You can find all the compositions of ESTRA in the Sensi catalogue.
Let’s leaf through it together.

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