Hydro Collection: new compositions to organize the laundry space.

The washing machine, the dryer, the clothesline, the laundry basket and the detergent one, and then the sink, the ironing board, the shoe rack, the clothes hanger. These are the substantial elements that immediately spring to mind when we talk about the laundry area and we are more than sure that at least once we all wondered: where to put them? How to best organize this environment? If you are not lucky enough to have a room completely dedicated to it, it becomes essential for the laundry corner to take advantage of the space with functional and versatile furniture, designed to contain as much as possible, that integrates perfectly with the refined style of your bathroom furniture to create an environment that is not only elegant but also multifunctional.
The HYDRO collection aims precisely at this: giving new light to the laundry area, making it a place that is no longer dark and marginal, but refined, with young, informal, yet elegant tones. Today the catalogue expands with new compositions, more eclectic and colourful, with a series of extremely modular accessories, shelves, and tall units to furnish both large and small environments. The tall units, if hung above the sink, take advantage of the verticality of the walls and fully optimize the space; if placed on the side of the bathroom cabinet or in front, they allow you to keep everything close at hand and in order. The HYDRO collection offers modular bathrooms and are the result of continuous research into the flexibility necessary for modern furniture.
The true innovation of this catalogue is the laundry sink with depth change. If the basin with tablet is the most used solution, especially when bathroom and laundry coexist, because it gives the composition cleanliness of both shapes and structure, the ample modularity of the HYDRO collection allows you to manage the space thanks to the laundry sink with depth change: the laundry room thus becomes versatile and concretely functional.
HYDRO is precisely that, a system open to creativity, customization, and technical innovation, and it offers aesthetic and original solutions that completely redefine the space dedicated to the laundry.

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