Incanto: an enchanting collection.

When we talk about well-being of the senses, we are led to consider hearing exclusively in its physiological function and it remains complicated to unfold all the potential for enjoyment related to furnishing objects. Yet, hearing is where the voice of things resonates and allows us to penetrate the quality of the material.
We have chosen to call one of the collections in the Sensi catalogue Incanto (Enchantment) because it perfectly expresses the feeling of sublime wonder and aesthetic rapture that pervades those who listen to the harmony of its clean, soft, and sensual lines.
The word incanto is composed of the preposition in, with intensive value, and the verb cantare (to sing), and is perfect for describing this collection, which enchants you with the delicate natural notes of its compositions, capable of meeting everyone’s aesthetic needs.
It has a stunning stylistic balance; it is free from everything that could in some way obfuscate the perfect look of the furniture; and each composition gives voice to the main element, open-pore ash wood, which gives it an extremely contemporary connotation.
The bathroom environment built around Incanto fills with elegance, given by the curved end element of the washbasin that adapts to the sinuosity of the underlying storage unit, giving a shaped profile to the front panel that reinterprets the furniture with a modern look. A welcoming bathroom space where the original groove opening of the base units stands out, blending in with the front panel thanks to the tone-on-tone effect, leaving the surface free to express all its charm.
A wide assortment of accessories and a range of mirror units integrated with the new lighting complete the collection, so as to create a uniform and coordinated environment in shapes and colours.
An example are the accessories in wood and metal that can be customized in various colours and the console tables in white Ocritech in matt and glossy finish, designed to make every simple gesture easy.
In the Incanto collection echoes a daily intimacy made up of familiar gestures dedicated to self-care.

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