Skin: an identity you can touch.

We talked about Frame and its framed front panels, about Incanto and its stunning aesthetic balance, about Estra and its rounded lines, about Cromo and its extreme rationality. Now we want to talk to you about Skin, the latest collection in the Sensi catalogue.

All the collections in this catalogue offer an idea of well-being, pleasure, and self-satisfaction, because they stimulate every sense in order to create a bathroom with a warm and enveloping atmosphere. It is through the senses that humankind discovers the world and learns to enjoy the depth of its sensory perception, and the Skin collection has been designed to celebrate tactile feedback: just by brushing against the surfaces of the SKIN collection with your hands, with your skin, you savour the pleasure of the infinite gradations of the veins, the unevenness of the wooden surfaces, and perceive how every aesthetic detail here enhances the various technical characteristics.

The bathroom furniture that develops around SKIN is emblematic because it moulds, thanks to its versatility, modularity, and high aesthetic taste, around the point of view of the observer: a strong yet delicate aspect that characterizes its personality and identity.
An essential aspect of this collection is the use of two-tone elements, also, the new laminate variants with warm veins are well suited to the bathroom.
Representing the stylistic code of the collection, the modules, which can be customized and adapted to any living space, are the perfect answer to those looking for fresh and contemporary solutions. Ultimately, SKIN’s compositions always keep their aesthetic strength, enhancing the environment in which they are inserted, making them unique.

Check out all the compositions.

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