Why choose stoneware for the bathroom top.

Each coin has its flipside, which is not just a detail, but part of its identity. It is a well-known concept that is good to remember when we talk about materials, as it lets us observe and weigh up everything and not remain focused on a single aspect, whether negative or positive.
We recently talked to you about how important it is to know both their pros and cons before deciding which material to choose for the bathroom top. It is certainly a field in which personal taste predominantly influences our choices, but we always keep functionality in mind. We have already talked to you about eco-cement and its properties; now we want to introduce you to one of the trendiest materials in recent years: porcelain stoneware.
Choosing a porcelain stoneware bathroom top lets you enhance the practicality of the bathroom without sacrificing aesthetics. It is the only material capable of reproducing any colour or texture, from wood to stone to metal. Technically it is a particular compact ceramic, extremely resistant, whose very low thickness slabs are applied on the plywood surface.
To summarize the characteristics of this high-performance material we can say that: it resists stains and scratches as well as chemicals; it does not absorb anything; it is resistant to UV rays, which means that the colours do not change over time, even if subjected to variations in climatic conditions; it is a hygienic material, as it prevents the onset of moulds, bacteria, or fungi, which is essential when we talk about the bathroom; finally, it is sustainable, since it is completely natural: it does not release elements into the environment and can be easily ground and entirely recycled in other production processes.
A porcelain stoneware top is very easy to clean without damaging the characteristics of the surface – the only product capable of attacking it is hydrofluoric acid. For daily cleaning we recommend using warm water and neutral detergents if need be; always rinse thoroughly and finally dry the surface with soft cloths.
The only flaw, if you can even call it that, is that some types of stains, if not promptly removed, could leave a more or less visible mark on the surface, which in any case falls within the tolerance of the specific type of finish chosen.
We used it in Urban UR30 with the Calacatta gold texture, as well as the Icona bathtub, also in stoneware, which is characterized by the readily serviceable drain cover that hides the drain and the stainless steel tank.
In Suite SU15 the integrated top is made of Camel-coloured stoneware, which combines well with the platform made of Brown-stained ash.
In the Sensi catalogue we used it for the Frame collection, like in the R21 composition, where the geometry of the lines, embellished by the ash finish and the integral stoneware top, designs a warm and welcoming environment and ensures the functional simplicity of every element.
You can browse the other collections to see how we have used this material and get inspired for your bathroom by clicking here.

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