The en suite bathroom: combining tradition and innovation.

It may seem like a modern trend, a contemporary extravagance, however, the “en suite” bathroom is by no means our invention, rather it has very ancient roots that are lost in history.
Indeed, up until the 1920s, a true sign of luxury was to have a room dedicated to the bathroom inside the house and it was not unusual to find a corner of our grandmothers’ bedrooms dedicated to daily personal hygiene: bidets, bath tubs, basins and toilets with stools were basically part of the décor.
Nowadays, the need to create an “en suite” bathroom fits in perfectly with the increasingly popular desire to do away with the traditional boundaries between different rooms in the home (the kitchen is merged with the living room, bedrooms are incorporated into the day area, etc.). In this context, the bathroom, which at one time was only ever a closed room, has also been opened up and reinterpreted by adding sofas, beds, carpets and with evermore sophisticated free-standing solutions.
On view, with no door, fitted with glass panels or open space: there are a whole host of ideas for the en suite bathroom that allow ample freedom to play around with the design. A careful analysis of the layout of the bathroom fixtures and furnishings is required, as well as combining finishes and textures with the rest of the décor, so that every accessory can be plainly seen. The Luxor collection includes simple, linear designer furnishing solutions which lend themselves to this idea of a fluid setting. An example is the composition 47 in which the base unit in Matt Lacquered Sand and full box frame top in HPL Havana fit seamlessly into the industrial-style décor showcased in the bedroom.

“En suite” bathrooms are, therefore, for the most part designed for large spaces. It is, however, possible to create customised solutions for smaller, more compact areas, as well.
With our Estra collection, the versatility of the curved shapes and the contemporary mood create practical and functional solutions which fully satisfy the goal of ensuring all the necessary comforts in a small bathroom in a bedroom.
As in composition E50 where, on entering via the door by the bed, you immediately see the basin in Matt Lacquered Coral with the console in Glossy White Ceramic, alongside two wall-mounted bathroom fixtures, chosen to add greater visual lightness to the room, around which coordinated wall units have been placed.

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